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 Membership -- Renewals.

        Club membership is renewed in the club in January of the New Year 2024.

     We thank all our Members in advance for your co-operation upcoming in 2024. For those not yet upgraged your Membership it must be early February.

        Our Bar Staff will again deal with this year 2024. As Again, If you have not yet updated your Membership please do as soon as possible.            

     Please ensure that you obtain the 2024 Car Pass when renewing in January 2024 - 'The Pass this year is Yellow and Black Lettering. Please bring your Club Membership Card for updating. If you have not collected your card from last year please ask our Bar Staff. If your card cannot be found behind the Bar please request a new card.

     We remind those of you who use our Car Park MUST be club Members and as such have paid the appropriate Membership fee of £25. It should be clear also to all those parking in our carpark that the appropriate Parking Ticket MUST be shown within the car on the Car Dashboard. The colour of the 2024 Parking ticket is Currently Yellow and Black Wording. You Must renew 2024.

     Please note also that we need any Car Registration change advised to us immediately. In that instance see our Committee Members or Bar Staff.

General Member Ongoing Updates.

    We had in 2023 a Member Sponsorship scheme operating within our Club in previous Years. We have now terminated that Sponsorship.


    The Great Barr Conservative Club is a member of the Association of Conservative Clubs Inter-Affiliation Ticket Scheme. The Club warmly welcomes Inter-Affiliation Ticket holders of other associated Conservative clubs. Our members can obtain Inter-Affiliation tickets issued by the Club which allows them to visit associated clubs throughout the country. A small fee is charged for an Affiliation Card.

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