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Social Opportunities.

     Any organisation seeking a home for Social Nights in a welcoming Lounge are requested to approach us to discuss the opportunity.  

Business Opportunities Directory.

     This Directory is for members and associates of the Club to advertise their businesses or services. If you have a business or service that you would like to advertise here, please contact the Secretary using the club e-mail address, with your details for inclusion.  In addition Local Businesses are encouraged to include their Company Information to introduce themselves to our Members.

     It is anticipated that inclusions to the Directory will be those providing competitive advantages to our Members.



              Company / Member Inclusions To-Date as follows:-


    1/. - Beacon Auto Spares and  Beacon Pet Aquarium.

       We welcome to our Opportunities Section Beacon Auto Spares and Beacon Pet Aquarium. Both are situated at 59 and 61 Sundial Lane Great Barr and owned by our very own Member Bob Bayley (Pet Shop Bob). Both offer a wide selection of products which can be viewed at the Websites:-  /

OR e-mail at:-  /

    Listed below is a small extract of their product range from both Websites. Bob is offering our Members a 10% discount on production of your club card for Motor Spares purchases above £10 and for Pet Shop purchases above £20. ( Excludes Bulk Foods ).

    We recommend you go along and happy shopping with the discount offer available.

    -  CAR PARTS.

  Having been established for over 30 years now, we have gained a first class reputation for offering a vast range of parts at the most reasonable of prices, and all in a friendly and professional manner.

    We hold a tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to cars and parts - if you have any queries we will be happy to talk them through with you and to find a solution!

    Whatever you require, make sure you give us a call or come down in person, and see just what we have on offer.

We stock:

 Alternators Starters Batteries Pads Shoes Oil Filters Steering and suspension parts Pumps Brake Pads, Shoes, Discs, Wheel Cylinders, Calipers, Batteries, Filters, Oils, Belts, Thermostats, Water Pumps, Wheel Bearings, Rad Caps, Ignition Parts, Spark Plugs, Steering and Suspension, Cables, Clutches, Radiators, Bulbs etc.

Manufacturers products include: Apec, Trupart, Brake Engineering, Delphi, Schnapp, Fram, Quinton Hazell, Gates, Dayco, Firstline, Valeo, NGK, Carlube, Comma, Valvoline, Castrol, Lucas etc.

Accessories We also offer a range of car care products and accessories including: Polishes, Paints, Fuel and Oil Additives, Sealants, Gaskets, Mirrors, Audio Equipment, Screen Wash and Cleaners, Tools, Air Fresheners, Anti-Freeze, Underbody Sealants, Towing Equipment, Car Manuals, Seat Covers, Mudflaps, Car Security, Body Fillers, Interior Cleaners, Axle Stands, Trolley Jacks.

Manufacturers products include: Car Plan, Turtle Wax, Mer, Armorall, Simoniz, Hycote, Laser, Draper, Ambi-Pur, Bluecol, Summit, Wynns, Redex, British Gaskets, Waxoyl, Tetraseal, Hammerite, Haynes etc.


   Welcome to Beacon Pet Aquarium - the best choice for pet shops in Birmingham. We recently celebrated 30 Years of Pet Shop Business and featured in a local newspaper with the following article:-

     Albino frogs and kissing fish – the wonderful and weird world as Great Barr Pet Shop marks 30 years.

  A SHOP which has served the people and pets of Great Barr is celebrating three decades in business.

Beacon Pet Aquarium, situated on Sundial Lane, houses more than 2,000 fish and has pets such as budgies and gerbils – being the go-to place for pet-loving residents in the area.

Speaking to the Observer about the shop's milestone, owner Bob Bayley – who opened the shop back in 1986 with late wife Ursula – said: "We are so grateful for the support of customers, old and new, over the last three decades.

"To some of our regulars we have become known as the Tardis or Aladdin's cave due to the large amount of stock kept in a very small space."

Bob, added: "You have to have a love for animals and their wellbeing or you would never get involved in this sort of job or business.

"Even on days when the shop is closed we still have to be there to check and feed the livestock."

There are around 100 fish tanks at Beacon Pet Aquarium, housing all sorts from pink kissing fish to albino frogs and yellow-bellied turtles.

"Although most of our fish are not obscure we have had unusual ones such as piranha, pacu, arrowana, archers, red tail cats and many of the different plecostomus species just to name a few," added Bob.

"The fish come from all around the world but the majority are shipped through Singapore which is a sort of fish warehouse."

Bob, who takes more of a back seat nowadays, leaves the running of the pet shop to his son Iain and dedicated staff members Amy Pinfield, Matt Hankin, Courtney McMaster, Bella MacAdams and Josh Steel.

"We have served thousands of customers over the last 30 years," added Bob, "many of whom keep coming back and are more like friends to us.

"So, here's to the next decade!"

     Our store stocks everything for all of your pet and aquatic requirements. We have many assorted tanks of tropical and cold water fish, as well as plants, pets and pet food. If you would like to find out more, please don't hesitate to call us today.

    From ponds to hutches and cages, look no further than Beacon Pet Aquarium. We cater to all of the general public who are looking for pets or pet supplies. We stock quality products and animals, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands when you choose us.

   We sell a wide range of items, including:

Hutches- Cages- Tropical Fish Pond Fish Medication -UV Lamps- Pumps and Filters- Birds- Rabbits -Guinea Pigs- Reptile Equipment- Poultry Accessories- Budgies -Canaries -Cockatiels Finches- Quail- Dwarf Lop Eared Rabbits- Netherland Dwarf Rabbits- Mini Lop Rabbits- Rex Rabbits- Dutch Rabbits -Smooth Haired Guinea Pigs- Teddy Guinea Pigs -Peruvian Guinea Pigs -Roboroski Hamsters -Winter White Hamsters- Syrian Hamsters- Gerbils- Stick Insects- Giant African Land Snails- Bird Tables- Feeders Food Treats- Nest Boxes- Goldfish- Ghost koi Mirror Carp –Sturgeon- Shubunkins- Tench- Orfe –Rudd- Gudgeon- Koi Carp- Bream- Grass –Car-p Mussels -Tetras -Cichlids –Gouramis- Livebearers (Guppies, Platies, Swords, Mollies) –Catfish- Butterflies -Elephant Nose - Parrots- Aquatic plants –Rocks- Slate- Gravel -Live and frozen food-Turtles-Axolotyls- Newts- Frogs- Lobsters- Crabs- Snails Shrimps Pinkies Furries Mice Rats Chicks Locusts Hoppers Wax Worms Meal Worms Black And Brown Crickets Vivariums- Reptile And Spider Starter Kits- UV Lamps- Heat Mats- Chicken And Duck Foods


  2/. Just Move Estates And Lettings Agent.    

   We are delighted to welcome Just Move to our Opportunities list. We have Six Members of the Just Move team within our Membership. The Editorial  presenting the company is as follows:-

    Looking for an Award-Winning Estate Agent to support you in the selling/ letting of your property? Then look no further, Just Move Estate Agents are a highly motivated independent agency whose sole focus is to give you the best service available.

    At Just Move we make it our mission to provide you with the best customer service and demonstrate exactly why Birmingham’s independent agents are gaining both custom and trust from clients. We incorporate traditional marketing platforms with a new and powerful online presence to ensure that any and all of our marketing reaches a wide range of customers.

    Our dedicated and professional members of staff look forward to hearing from you, just call into one of our offices for a friendly chat and a hot cuppa to discuss how we can help.


    Whether you are a first-time buyer, investor or are just looking to move into a new family home. At Just Move Estate Agents we offer guidance and support to all of our purchasers and sellers to ensure that they have a great experience when buying or selling a property. We appreciate that purchasing and selling a property can be a lengthy process which is why our sales team are at hand to assist you every step of the way in your property journey.


    Here at Just Move we are dedicated to assisting our landlords and tenants in identifying new investment opportunities as well as attracting the perfect tenants for our current portfolio of properties. We offer diverse marketing techniques and detailed references to guarantee that each and every landlord has both a tenant and an agent that they can trust in. Tailor made packages made for each Landlord for a minimum of £399+VAT.

Offices –

28-30 Newton Road

Great Barr

B43 6ES


9 York Road


B23 6TE


0121 377 8899


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Great Barr
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